For Professionals

The experience in the management of very rare tumours (VRT) is limited, and may impact the quality of care in these patients. We believe that one way to overcome this problem is the creation of networks and the possibility to share experience and knowledge.

We have established a virtual tumor board (VTB) to help the responsible clinician to discuss the best management of patients with VRT. This VTB has been established in an international setting that includes experts with outstanding expertise.

VTB can provide medical advice, allowing the patient to receive  appropriate treatment in the local Centre, but can also facilitate direct communication with Centres with adequate expertise throughout Europe if a particular treatment is needed.

The VTB can be contacted by physicians for requests regarding verification of diagnosis and on optimal treatment. To ensure high quality of consultation a set of data (i.e. clinical summary, pathology and radiology reports,..) is required along with the patient’s/family’s consent for consultation.

Please be aware that only the patient’ responsible clinician will be allowed to used the VTB system.  For different reasons we do not accept request from patients, families or other people. Second opinions are not within the scope of the VTB.